Best Laptops For Biology Majors

Biology majors and Science majors students are always looking for an opportunity to find a sensible solution. Many students make notes and spend most of their time on papers. You can’t waste your precious time on documents; you would like a device on which you’ll perform your work efficiently within less time.

It would be best if you had a laptop to assist you. Nowadays, most of the students carry their studies on laptops, because it’s easy and you can take it anywhere you would like. You’ll require some biological software. Therefore, you need an efficient laptop for running such software. Also, laptops are one of the essential equipment in medical centers.

When choosing a laptop, it must suit the requirements of each software you need for the study. We are here to inform you about the best laptops for Biology Majors and students and their key features with the things to consider to help you select the best one for you. Following are the features you should keep in mind while purchasing a laptop:

  • RAM.
  • Processor.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Resolution.
  • Ports.
  • Budget.
  • Size.
  • Graphics
  • Connectivity.
  • Battery.

Whenever you’re planning to buy a laptop for study in biology majors and science majors, you must keep in mind these features because you need a laptop capable of such software you would like on your laptop.


1- MICROSOFT SURFACE LAPTOP 2 – best laptop for biology majors

Best Laptops For Biology Majors & Students

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is among the best laptops, especially for study with the top quality of RAM, battery timing, screen size, etc. This laptop is best for the biological majors and science majors because it has a high quality of hard disk and storage. You can easily install any software in Microsoft Surface Laptop 2.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is available in Platinum, cobalt blue, and burgundy color. It’s the capacity of 8GB RAM, 256 GB, which is high-speed processing the data by having 1 GHz speed. Intel Core i7 processor with 8th generation gives the ultra-fast processing speed. That’s why this laptop can execute all the heavy applications and software with any problem.

Microsoft Surface laptop 2 consists of faster and large-sized storage. For the rapid execution of operating systems and other applications, this fantastic machine has enough storage of 128 GB SSD for all the software, which a biology major and major science need for his study. As students have a massive amount of data to restore in laptops, it’s 1TB traditional hard disc is available, so you don’t have any problem saving extensive data.

This latest model laptop’s configuration is Intel Core i7 with 13.5 inches standing screen size on the body in this laptop and is full HD with touch screen and razor-sharp resolution. This size of the laptop can easily fit in your bag. It’s a beneficial model with maximum 2256×1504 pixels screen resolution. Microsoft Surface laptop 2 consists of faster and large-sized storage.

Battery timing is additionally essential; most people want a laptop with excellent battery timing because sometimes we are in an area where we can’t charge our laptop. Thus, Microsoft’s laptop has the battery timing up to 14.5 hours of playback video.

It’s effortless to hold this laptop anywhere due to its 2.83 pounds weight. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 comes up with window 10 home. Windows 10 is the best, and you can download much software easily and work great. It has Bluetooth wireless, 4.1 technology.


The following are some fantastic features available in Microsoft Surface laptop 2.

  • 5″ pixel display.
  • Invisible Unisonic speakers.
  • Comfort while typing.
  • Surface Arc Mouse.
  • Surface Dock.
  • Wireless display adaptor.
  • Surface pen.
  • Beautiful touchscreen display.
  • Amazing performance.
  • Amazing design.
  • Robust with high quality of the hard disc.
  • Low Weight.

  • There are no pots for HDMI and one pot for USB.
  • Window 10 home, not Window 10 Pro.

2. 2019 NEWEST LENOVO IDEAPAD – best laptop for science majors


Newest Lenovo IdeaPad is another perfect laptop of today’s list, which fulfills all the requirements for biology majors and Science majors, you’ll save any quiet data and software.

When we see the laptop’s hardware specifications, we can see it’s the newest and features a high-speed processor. Dual-Core A9-9425 processor is the laptop’s powerhouse of all types of process execution with the 7th generation, which provides the fast processing speed. 12 GB DDR4 SDRAM has been installed within the Newest Lenovo IdeaPad. The rate of this CPU is 2.5 GHz. It also features a high-speed RAM with 3.1 GHz speed.

Newest Lenovo IdeaPad has enough storage, as a student, you can save a couple of data associated with your studies, and run any quiet application without any problem. This amazing laptop has enough storage of 128 GB SSD; with this storage, you’ll easily use your computer for fast execution and other applications. It’s SSD makes an excellent performance, it boots up in a few seconds.

The maximum display resolution of the most recent Lenovo IdeaPad is 1366×768 pixels. The excellent quality LED display technology is out there on this laptop. If we mention the screen size, then this laptop comes up with 15.6 inches. It’s full HD with an outdoor screen display. Its dimension is 14.80×10.00×0.90 inches. It’s easy to carry this laptop around, you’ll just put it into your bag due to its average size and 4.60 pounds of weight, which isn’t much but a touch higher.

A laptop should have the right battery timing. Thus the average battery timing of the newest Lenovo IdeaPad is 5.5 hours. This laptop comes up with window 10 home. It has an 802.11ac wireless communication standard, which is extremely good and tracks any device easily round the computer. Also 2 USB pots, quick plug and play connectivity for your equipment and accessories.


  • High screen quality.
  • Tech support.
  • Good battery timing.
  • Touch screen.
  • High quality of RAM.
  • Next-generation wireless connectivity.
  • High-speed wireless LAN.
  • Keyboard with 10 numerical keypads.
  • Combo headphone / Mic Jack.

  • Windows 10 home, not windows 10 pro.
  • No touchscreen.

3. ACER PREDATOR HELIOS 300 – best laptops for science majors


Acer is an excellent brand for manufacturing high graphics laptops. The Acer Predator Helios 300 is additionally one of these top-quality laptops. These sorts of laptops are generally made for games, but you can also use it as a biology major and science major because it’s power full hard disc, RAM, storage, and it completes all the requirements.

Acer Predator Helios 300 is an incredible laptop with a high-performance CPU.

Intel i7-9750H processor is given in this laptop for the high-speed processing of applications and all the software you would like to install on this laptop, whether for studies, games, or work. The 9th generation of high Intel processor CPU belongs to the present machine. It’s 6 processor counts with the best speed of 4.5 GHz16GB DDR4 RAM has been installed on this laptop.

Suppose we mention the storage of Acer Predator Helios 300. In that case, the laptop’s storage capacity is significant because a 256 GB memory device is out there during this device, NVMe SSD, the faster storage. This storage is quite enough for scholars. As it is a gaming laptop, some games require a high hard disc. That’s why this laptop has 256GB hard disk size, which may fulfill all the wants you would like.

A 15.6 inches size of the screen is available in the body of this laptop. The display screen of this device is an energy-efficient LED with a backlit with a 144 Hz display. It’s a full screen for a large display with 1920×1080 pixels maximum display resolution. Its screen’s dimension is 14.23×10.01×0.90. Its screen brightness is rated about 300 nits. Collectively, this high speed and the large display screen are perfect for this laptop.

The performance of this laptop remains high, while the level of its heat becomes down. The weight of this laptop is 5.07 lbs, which may be a little higher than other laptops. Acer Predator Helios 300 comes up with windows 10 home. It runs a 3720mAh battery, which is about 25% more capacity than last year’s model. Its battery lasts 4 hours with light web surfing, which is better than most gaming laptops as they never get an hour. If you adjust the brightness to 15% Max and the lowest intensity, it will get 8 hours.


  • 4th Gen Aeroblade 3D fan.
  • Ignite Fusion.
  • Take control and ultimate smooth gameplay.
  • VS ready.
  • Immersive Audio Experience.
  • Backlit keyboard.
  • It looks and feels solid.
  • 144Hz fantastic screen.
  • Three hundred nits are usable in daylight.
  • Fast M.2 storage.
  • Powerful GPU.
  • Effective cooling.

  • Blue Backlight isn’t suitable for bedtime use.
  • Fans usually get loud when the system is under load.

4. HP SPECTRE X360 – best laptops for biology majors


HP Specter x360 is another perfect laptop for biological method and Science majors in our list. This model of HP laptops fulfills all the requirements. HP built this machine for a high level of probability.

HP Spectre x360 has been made with the high-performance CPU and manufactured by IntelIntel i7-8565U has given for the top speed processing of applications and software. The number of cores in this CPU is  4, and it belongs to the 8th generation Quad-core CPU. It’s high performance with Intel Turbo technology. The speed of this processor is almost 2.20 GHz16 GB DDR4 SD RAM is installed on this laptop. It’s four ways of processing 1.80 GHz to 4.00 GHz with 8 MB smart Cache.

Big size storage is the part of HP Spectre x360, which is 512 GB SSD. This hard disc can save massive data. The storage of this laptop is enough for students. All biological majors and science majors can study efficiently on this model of the laptop without facing any storage problem.

If we talk about the screen size, It has 13.3 inches full HD touchscreen with 1920×1080 pixels excellent maximum display resolution. HP Specter x360 has IPS technology with technology for wide-viewing angles. This laptop features a perfect dimension of 12.60×10.94×0.60 inches. Laptops of those sizes can easily fit in your bag, and you can carry them anywhere easily.

The weight of this laptop is 2.92lbs, which is almost nothing as compared to other laptops. The interesting point about this machine is that it comes up with window 10 Pro. The average battery timing of HP Specter x360 is 4-5 hours.


  • High storage.
  • Fingerprint Reader.
  • Olufsen Quad speakers.
  • 64 BIT.
  • Windows 10 pro.
  • HP audio boost.
  • Low weight.
  • Free 3 years of a portable design.

  • Only one port for USB.

5. DELL XPS 13 9360 – best laptop for science major

DELL XPS 13 9360Dell XPS 13 9360 is the last fantastic laptop on our list. Intel manufactures the CPU of Dell XPS, and it’s the best laptop for majors.

This laptop’s hardware configuration includes a double core CPU, which is 7th generation kaby lake Intel Core i5-7200U. The clock speed of Dell XPS is 2.5 GHz, and turbo speed is 3.1 GHz. High processing 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM is out there on this laptop.

128 GB SSD hard disk is available as the storage of this laptop with the 2 processor count.

The screen display of this laptop is 13.3 inches with full HD results. Dell XPS has 1920×1080 pixels maximum display resolution and 21.00×12.00×2.00 inches. This screen size is perfect for this model of laptop.

The weight of Dell XPS is 3.70lbs, which isn’t more, you can carry this laptop top easily with this low weight. This model comes with the Windows 10 Home OS. It has an 802.11 ac wireless communication standard. The battery life of this laptop is 4-6 hours.


  • Touchscreen.
  • Card reader.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Thunderbolt 3 via USB type.
  • Built-in webcam.
  • Large storage.
  • HD screen display.
  • Infinity-edge touch display.

  • Windows 10 home.
  • Loud Fan noise when the system is under load.


I put myself at the place of a biology major and Science major; I wrote this article to identify the actual need. After this effort, I hope you can find an expensive laptop for you as a biology major and science major.