How to Charge Laptop with HDMI?

Charging your laptop with HDMI? Imagine how quick it would be! Actually, you can charge your laptop with an HDMI cord. This blog is based on techniques of how to charge a laptop with HDMI. Laptops are quite convenient and portable. We often carry them with us when we’re traveling or going to work.

They’re really the perfect travel partner because they’re light and small, and have everything you could need like a PC. They come with devices that aren’t attached so there’s no clutter and it makes everything easier – basically making life more simple. A laptop charger is an integral part of this device and without it your device wouldn’t function correctly or at all.

The worst part about our chargers disappearing or breaking is that we can’t charge up when we need it most. It also tends to happen during the most crucial moments, like just before an exam starts or right before you’re trying to finish work at home so that you don’t lose your momentum entirely.

Keeping this in mind, it’s high time we had some alternatives. One of the best of these would be HDMI charging. If you’re using an HDMI cable to transfer data from a laptop, there are three different options available for how to charge the computer – detailed below.

1st Method: Charge Laptop Using HDMI Cable and Adapter

Items you Need

For those of you who may need backup power for your laptop chargers, here are some things to consider before heading out:

  • Firstly, our laptop must have a USB type C port (necessary for all methods)
  • An HDMI (High definition multimedia interface) adapter cable
  • An adapter or connector (it is a device that provides a standard HDMI connection)
  • A TV with HDMI that supports HDMI cable


Laptop chargers can go out of order at any time so here are some steps to fix it! Make sure that you’ve got everything necessary like an HDMI cable for your TV.

Connect the HDMI cable to your TV's HDMI input and then plug it into the adapter. Plug in one end of the adapter cable to your laptop's port on one side, and then use the other end of the same cable for connecting it to TV's output that matches up with what you have plugged into it.

If your laptop shows that it is charging and nothing else happens, you’re ready to go. But if the battery doesn’t start, check the USB ports on both devices for anything blocking them; power outages can also cause this problem. If everything looks fine but the charger still isn’t working, contact us for a replacement cord or outlet plug.

2nd Method: Charge Laptop using HDMI Cable and Mobile

Items you need

  • USB Type C to USB type C cable
  • Mobile phone


If it ever comes down to an emergency, all you need to do is charge your laptop from your phone. And some smartphones are equipped with this capability!

This will work when you're near an outlet and need a quick charge for your phone. Your USB Type-C cable can provide power from your computer to your device when it's low on battery life or needs a quick boost. Just plug one end of the cord into the charging port at the bottom of your laptop, then wrap the other around your device and plug it in so that it stays connected for longer!

Compared to a laptop battery, the phone’s battery is much smaller and only capable of supplying enough power for a short period of time. This might be perfect if you only need your laptop for about thirty minutes or so before going back out into the world. Or alternatively, if you’re looking for an easy way to restart your computer after it’s turned off due to a lack of power from its original battery source, then this solution may do the trick!

3rd Method: Charge Laptop Using a USB-C Cable

Items you need

  • USB type C cable
  • USB type C port must be present in the laptop


If you need a USB type C cable for your device, we recommend you bring one with you.

To charge up your laptop from a wall socket, plug one end of the cable into the computer's port while attaching the other end to an AC adapter plugged into an electrical socket. You can also use a USB adapter if you don't have a USB-C cord handy. Keep in mind that it may take longer for laptops with standard USB Type A ports to charge.

Type C USB ports are much more powerful, which means they can provide more power when transferring information from one device to another. Because of this, devices won’t overheat – an issue that was common for Type A connections. It’s also possible to charge a laptop efficiently with these ports; so you’ll never worry about running out of battery again!

It charges all of your devices without using cables, adapters or an outlet. You won’t need one for this charger.

Other Techniques to Charge your Laptop Without a Charger

Have you been looking for a way to charge your laptop without using a charger? Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to do so. Check out the list below for some easy tricks that could come in handy someday!

1: Purchasing Universal Adapter

It is never too late to start being cautious about your belongings. If you want peace of mind investing in an adapter that can charge both AC and DC laptops so you don’t have to keep buying them for every new laptop you purchase.

You can use the laptop while it is still charging. It would be best if you were a bit careful when using them. Please don’t set the voltage too high or else your device will overheat and fail quickly. There is nothing to worry about though because they have created an easy-to-use guide that helps people find what voltage setting works for them depending on their specific needs.

2: Keeping a Spare Battery with Yourself

A backup battery can save your life in an emergency situation. You may need a separate charger to power it up, but at least you’ll never be unprepared for the worst – or when your device needs juice unexpectedly during the day. A spare battery is also great because they’re designed specifically to hold enough power that your laptop’s original battery will fit inside. But make sure you find out which type of replacement battery is right for your machine before you buy!

3: Power Inverters

When you’re always on the go, it’s easy to find yourself without a good place to charge your laptop. That’s why buying an inverter for your car might just save your day; this gadget will allow for phone chargers and laptops alike.

This power bank has been amazing! It charges my laptop up very quickly and even stays charged for hours when I’m using it. Plus, it isn’t too heavy or bulky so I always carry it around with me because it’s such an essential device for my work-life balance!

4: Hardwire Laptop into your Car

One way to make sure you don’t run out of charge while you’re driving is by wiring your laptop directly into your car. You mount it inside so no one steals it and you never need to worry about running out of battery power ever again!

If you want to wirelessly charge your laptop, all you need is a wireless charger and the right USB cord. But if wired charging is more your style, then you will need an adapter or converter depending on what type of power supply outlet you have at home

If you connect it to the fuse box, there will be a major problem. You need to set the voltage through the regulator or else everything would go up in flames.

5: Power Bank

A power bank is a battery pack that you can use to charge up your phone or laptop. It doesn’t need any kind of plug-in charger because it comes with an integrated battery so you can take it anywhere you go! But for those who want a stronger battery for laptops, I would recommend getting one that has a USB Type-C connector.

Stay prepared for the unexpected by always carrying a fully-charged power bank inside your laptop bag. In case of emergencies, you will be able to use it without having to worry about running out of battery life or draining electricity from other devices.

Are HDMI Safer to Use?

No doubt about it, HDMI cables and adaptors are both convenient and affordable. They’re also simple to use – even for technophobes! It only takes one cable from your laptop to connect with the screen of your choice, whether you’re watching movies or listening to music.

But when it comes to charging, they only provide low voltage to electrical devices. This makes them really inefficient because they take so long. You should just use these cords in emergencies if you’re running out of power.Are-HDMI-safer-to-use-1024x267.jpg

Besides, most laptops come equipped with a charger specifically for the laptop itself so you don’t need to worry about using it as well. It provides an appropriately strong current for your device without causing any harm – in fact, it helps you avoid any injury!

Moreover, the life span for laptops lengthens when you use them via HDMI instead of through power cords. It would be bad if this technique were made permanent because it will end up harming your laptop in the long term.

If you’re stuck somewhere without anything else to do, charge your laptop with an HDMI cable.


When you are headed to work, revising an important PowerPoint presentation but find out your laptop battery is dead.

You’re checking your laptop bag for the charger – which you can’t seem to find – then an idea pops into your head. You’ll never know what will happen next so it’s always better to be prepared for anything! You’ve been thinking about the next steps already, so don’t worry if something goes wrong.

There are many things you should know about charging your laptop. One way is using an HDMI cable, which is most useful for when a computer’s power supply isn’t working or if it has been lost. If the charger is broken but you still want to watch videos on Netflix – don’t worry! Use an HDMI cable to connect with a TV that has this option enabled.

Insert the adapter’s cable into the laptop port. This is a simple method since it uses TVs that are found at offices and universities to provide power for laptops. There is also an article guiding you on how to charge your laptop without plugging it in using different techniques such as HDMI cables and others too!