How Tall is Franco Columbo?

Franco Columbo is a tall player who has been a high scorer for the New York Islanders for the past two seasons. Columbo has been living in the United States for the past six seasons and he has been playing professional hockey for three seasons. He has been known to be a tough player who is a great team player. His height is six feet and four inches tall.

5’9” Franco Columbo is a professional basketball player who is 5’9” tall. Columbo was born in Brazil and is currently playing in the NBA for the Brooklyn Nets.

Franco Columbo is a retired Italian football player who was born on November 17th, 1984 and died on March 24th, 201 Franco was a footballer and he played as a defender for both U.S. Fiorentina and A.C. Milan. He was considered not only as a footballer but as a hero and a distinguished person by other Italians.