The old MacBook Air is still a high-performance laptop. This laptop is splendid for any type of work, and thanks to its Intel Core i5 processor with 2 cores and fifth generation, it matches the performance of the basic processor of the MacBook Pro of the old version.

Did you know.The screen of the Mac Book Air 2018 has a dimension of 13.3 inches where you can clearly see all your projects. In addition, it has 8 gigabytes of RAM that will give your laptop speed, which compared to the 4 gigabytes of the basic model, makes the OS X Mavericks operating system more responsive.

MacBook Air [Old Model]

The feature that has been most appreciated by users is its autonomy, and thanks to the innovative Intel Haswell architecture, this model guarantees an average of 12 hours of Wi-Fi Internet browsing, ensuring coverage of a full working day.

MacBook Air laptop

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Learn about the Apple MacBook Air and understand why it is a favorite among students and professionals. If in the end you have questions, leave a comment, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

Dimensions and measurements

The MacBook Air has a 100% recyclable aluminum casing that gives a feeling of solidity that is difficult to find in most of the products of this well-known brand. Its width is 12 inches with a thickness of just 0.4 inches at the front and 1.56 inches at the rear, plus a depth of 8.5 inches.

It is a model perfectly suitable for professionals or students who spend a lot of time traveling since it weighs 1.25 kilograms. Quite light in weight compared to other notebooks.


The MacBook Air display has a resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels, which provides excellent colors and good brightness. It is made of LEDs with a very clean image definition.

The viewing angle is quite wide and does not cause distortion, even when the screen is tilted. It has a dimension of 13.3 inches, a size that makes it a comfortable device to carry and more now with the new Macbook Air model.

Another of its features to highlight is its glass screen, without mercury or arsenic, which contributes to the conservation of the environment.

Mac Book Air connectivity

In terms of connectivity, it has a limited capacity to add ports. On the left side is the MagSafe 2 power supply connector; a USB 3.0 port; the combo 3.5mm headphone jack and two microphone holes, which is integrated.

It has an additional USB 3.0 port; an SD card reader, and a Thunderbolt port; Useful for connecting various types of adapters or an external monitor with a resolution of up to 2560 x 1600 pixels.

Regarding connectivity, in this MacBook Air 13 ″, we find installed a Wi-Fi 802.11 AC module, the latest industry-standard that guarantees improved performance.

This feature allows you to ensure compatibility with streaming HD content on home networks, or simply transfer content on your network faster than the standard currently dominating the market.

As for Bluetooth, we find a 4.2 module with wireless technology.

Storage, memory, and operating system

In terms of memory capacity, it has 8 GB LPDDR3 of 2133 MHz integrated, which is enough for office use, but a little scarce to use more complex programs or to handle different applications simultaneously.

The operating system with which it works is macOS . A system that improves the user experience. It is easy to use and has new file organization features.

In the section of applications that are integrated into the device, it offers by default the following functions: manage mail, messages, photographs, maps, calendar, notes, books, manage contacts, updated information on the stock market, reminders and more.

Some of these applications are: GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Safari, Mail, FaceTime, Photo Booth, iTunes , App Store and Time Machine.


The Mac Book Air is a very complete equipment, it comes with its USB cables for charging, 30w power adapter, 13-inch leather case, mouse, trackpad with excellent precision in the section of controlling the cursor, it also has a keyboard magic / alpha-numeric plus, backlit keys with LEDs, USB adapter and SD card reader.

Multiport USB-C to digital AV adapter, multi-port USB-C to VGA, extension cable for the power adapter, face camera and travel adapter kit.

What do users think of the old Macbook Air model?

Those who have been lucky enough to buy this Mac model are satisfied with what they have found. First, the backlit key technology makes for a very enjoyable experience and makes it one of the best keyboards ever.

Because of the weight and size, we should not worry, since it is quite light and being a laptop, it can be carried in any type of backpack or bag, without feeling additional weight or discomfort.

The 8GB memory capacity is enough to carry out daily tasks and the fluidity with which your macOS operating system works is undoubtedly a good investment. However, if you are looking for something more powerful, its superior version Macbook Pro comes with similar features to the best gaming PCs.

  • Its price is accessible and although not everyone has been happy with this new version, the Mac Book Air 13 ‘has managed to stand out from the ashes with a more beautiful and modern design.
  • The fact that the screen is retina is a substantial improvement that equipment from other brands does not offer.
  • Generally speaking, opinions are good regarding this Mac design.
  • On Amazon we found some more detailed opinions, meeting users who rated 5 stars. See more opinions here.

Why should you buy this MacBook Air laptop?

Well, for basic day-to-day tasks this laptop is quite useful and complete. To write documents, make photographic edits, send and receive emails, surf the internet, watch movies, in short, simple office tasks, you can do it with total comfort since the equipment will give you the results you expect, due to its speed and efficiency. Additionally, it excellently supports design programs like the entire ADOBE series.

It is recommended for students as it meets their needs. In terms of battery life, it can last up to 12 hours.

Best of all is the old model, its price has been drastically reduced, now it does not exceed 900 euros. Therefore, much more affordable and economical.

This is your laptop if … Your budget is around 800-900 euros and you want one of the most complete laptops with the best features on the market for regular use.

  • Versions: 128 GB only. If instead, you want to know the new version of Macbook Air, click here.
  • Value for money: 8/10
  • Colors: White, gray, pink, and blue.
  • Large screen resolution
  • Powerful processor and RAM memory
  • Price on offer
  • May have compatibility issues with some devices

Where to buy the MacBook Air at the best price?

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