Meaning of Paula: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

On many occasions we have very nice names at our disposal, but we don’t know how to appreciate them. The same happens with the name of Paula, it is a very special name for many people. If you are interested in knowing more information about this beautiful name, I invite you to continue reading.

Origin of the name Paula

Paula’s name comes from Latin. It is a name that was widely used during the Roman period, although it later fell in popularity and today has recovered it again. This has caused it to be one of the names most used by parents when calling their daughters. This is because we speak of a really very simple name, but in turn very beautiful.Despite the beauty of this name, we can see different diminutives such as Pauli, Pau or Paulita. The male variable of the name would be Pablo.

What does Paula mean?

If we look at the meaning of Paula, we can see how this name means “weakness or small woman.” But keep in mind that this translation does not really show Paula’s personality, so I recommend you read the following section so you can realize how this woman really is.

Personality of the name Paula

Paula stands out for being a cheerful, fun girl but it would be at the moments when she has to be serious. She is a very discreet woman, so she usually has quite a lot of secrets, which she doesn’t even tell her best friends so that nobody knows them. You can say she is a really very interesting woman. As soon as you meet her, you will be interested in knowing more about her.She is a woman who likes the world of research and numbers very much. For this reason, Paula always tends to try to work in the world of science. So you can discover and investigate things, because, after all, the enigmas like her a lot.

Meaning of Paula 2020
Meaning of Paula 2020: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

Of course, within the world of work, Paula’s personality changes a lot. And in this case the woman happens to be in a serious state, because she takes her job very seriously.This is much appreciated by companies, which tend to take this type of profile into account.If we look at Paula’s behavior at the family level, we can see how she is a woman who always wants to be very close to her direct relatives, but is much more distant from secondary relatives such as uncles or cousins. For this, the most important thing is her parents, her children and her husband in case she has it.Within the love life, we can see how Paula is one of the girls that before falling in love with someone seriously seeks. For her, true love is not the first man on the street, but it is clear that it is necessary to look for it.

Once you have found your better half, you will turn 100% to get the relationship on track. His goal is to find a stable partner, with whom to marry and have offspring. Of course, Paula’s problem is that when she falls in love, she only focuses on her partner and tends to forget her friends. This causes that sometimes, when the relationship fails, it is found that it has lost all or the vast majority of its friends.

Famous people with the name Paula

If we are looking for famous people with this name, the first name that comes to mind is that of Paula Vázquez. If we are looking for an actress under this well-known name, the name of Paula Molina comes to mind. Paula Radcliffe can also be a good example. This woman is one of the best athletes in the world, so it is worth including in this list.

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