Meaning of Raquel: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

If you want to give your daughter a beautiful name that has a religious meaning and also make your daughter feel proud of the name her parents gave her at birth, Raquel’s name is one of your best options. We speak of a beautiful name, with a very beautiful meaning, which will make your personality really very good. If you are looking for information about Raquel, here you will find all the data you are looking for.

Origin of the name Raquel

Rachel’s name comes from Hebrew. It is a name that has evolved throughout history, to the current point. This name has been used throughout the centuries, although in recent years it has regained some of the lost ground. Many parents have remembered the beauty of this name again.

What does Raquel mean?

If we look at the meaning of the word Rachel, we can realize that her translation would be “the sheep of God.” As you can see, the translation is quite religious. But despite this, it can be a really pretty name even for non-believing or Christian families.

Personality of the name Raquel

One of the things that most attract Rachel’s attention is her independence. She is a woman who does not like to depend on other people to carry out her projects and her life. If you have the opportunity, you will want to leave home, in order to start a life on an individual level. She loves to feel free and knows that in her parents’ house she will not have this freedom, because she will have to meet a minimum set of standards. In addition, it is free thinking. It doesn’t matter what others think of her. Only what she thinks is important to her. This will make her succeed, because at all times she will be herself and not try to be a person she really isn’t.Another of Rachel’s positive points is her creativity.

Meaning of Raquel 2020
Meaning of Raquel 2020: Name, Popularity, and Similar Names Meaning

She is a woman who loves to imagine new things, which can impress the people around her.Thanks to her imagination, Raquel is one of the women who feel very comfortable researching or designing. Everything that has to do with the world of creativity will enchant you. Of course, you have to make it clear that if you work within what you like, it will be a girl who will get her job without any problem.As we have said, we talk about a woman who likes to be very independent, which can cause many problems in the paternal home if she does not have the means to become independent. And she doesn’t like anything her parents are on top of her to indicate the things she should and shouldn’t do. In addition, when creating a new family, she is a woman who will have a hard time creating it, since she does not want to give up her freedom to have to take care of her children.

This makes it usually to be a mother at an advanced age.On the theme of love, Raquel is a woman who doesn’t like to tie a man too much. But when you really fall in love, you can say that she is a woman who is very committed to the relationship. This can cause great disappointments for her if the relationship is broken. But if the relationship is on track, it will be a girl who moves forward without any fear.

Famous people with the name Raquel

Within the fashion world we can find many models that bear this name. For example, Raquel Hunter. If we look at other fields, we have to highlight the actress Raquel Welch or the painter Raquel Forner.

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