Should I Build a Custom Gaming PC or Buy a Laptop?

The choice between building or buying a gaming computer can be tough, but knowing the difference in specs and what games you’re playing will help make your decision. Today we’ll talk about why it may be better for some people to buy a laptop instead of building their own custom gaming PC.

Building your own PC is cheaper than ever before, but if you don’t know much about hardware then this option might not work for you. -You have more flexibility with all the parts when you build your own custom PC, but there are tradeoffs like having to deal with downtime while waiting on repairs or upgrades. -If speed is important to you then it’s worth considering that laptops are faster than PCs running off of hard drives because

we will explore the pros and cons of building a custom gaming PC vs. buying a laptop for playing games. To start off, let’s examine what is needed to build a PC: First, you need a motherboard with the necessary ports and slots to accommodate all your components. Second, you need an appropriate CPU that can handle heavy workloads without breaking down too quickly. Third, you need RAM (random access memory) which holds data temporarily while it is being processed by the processor. Fourthly, you need storage which includes hard drives or solid state drives depending on how much space you want to store media such as photos and music files or video games downloaded from Steam*. Fifthly, there are graphics cards like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080