Are Franco Columbu And Arnold Still Friends?

Franco Columbu and Arnold Schwarzenegger are two of the most well-known bodybuilders in history. With their close friendship, it’s no wonder that people want to know if they’re still friends or not. Some say that it’s just rumor, but there are many who believe that the Franco and Arnold relationship is over.

Franco Columbu, a former Mr Olympia contender and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s best friend from their bodybuilding days, has been making the rounds of late. He recently attended the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio for his first time since 1998; he was there to support long-time friends like Joe Weider, Lou Ferrigno and Mike Katz.

Columbu is 67 years old now but he goes back at least 50 years with Schwarzenegger. They met in Italy when they were teenagers; Columbu had just won an Italian weightlifting championship while Schwarzenegger was on vacation visiting relatives. The two became fast friends after meeting that day and soon began training together.