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Scarlett is senior editor of this website - Pc Loft. He along with the team of laptops professionals helps people in buying the best laptops within their budget.

Best Laptops for Moms in 2022

Best Laptops for Moms

As a mom, you are a busy person who can’t always sit down and grade the paper your child just handed in to you. Sometimes, you would rather grade the paper on your laptop than at the kitchen table. If…

Best Laptops for insurance agent

Best Laptop for Writers

If you’re an insurance agent, you might think about getting one of the best laptops for insurance agents in order to be more efficient with your work, but what kind of laptop should you choose? In order to help you…

Best Laptops for Vlogging in 2022

best laptops for vlogging in 2021

These days almost everyone is vlogging. For the most part, it’s the best way to produce content and get your brand out there. Of course, you need the right equipment. This blog will talk about the different laptops you can…

Best Laptops for ubuntu dual boot

Best Laptop for College

Finding the best laptop for ubuntu dual boot can be a difficult task, especially if you are new to this game and the market. But we’re here to help you navigate through this sea of choices and get your perfect…

5 Best Laptops for a Dad In 2022

Best Laptops For FUSION 360

As a gift, the perfect laptop for father’s day must be something that will keep him connected with his family, but also something that he can use for work. If you’re looking for a laptop for father’s day, you’ve come…

Best Laptops for the server

Best Laptop for Programming

Choosing the best laptop for the server can be a bit tricky, but a good server laptop can be an important part of your business. This can help you create the next big product or help your business run better.…

Best Laptops for quicken users

Best Laptop for Kids

As you are here, we consent that you are planning to purchase the best laptop for quicken users? we comprehend that it might be the most significant decision in your life. TOP 3 Laptops For quicken users We are going…


MacBook Air [Old Model]

The old MacBook Air is still a high-performance laptop. This laptop is splendid for any type of work, and thanks to its Intel Core i5 processor with 2 cores and fifth generation, it matches the performance of the basic processor…

Apple MacBook Pro Review [OPINION & GUIDE]

Apple MacBook Pro 2020 Review

As always, the Apple brand innovates and creates new, more optimized versions focused on users. This time it has released the new MacBoaok Pro . Hence, a high-performance laptop with 2.7GHz power 7th Gen Intel Core i7 or i9 4-core…