Best Keyboard For Gaming In 2022

Gaming keyboards come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one common denominator that they all have in common: the best gaming keyboard isn’t going to be the one with the most features or buttons, but it will definitely be the one that you can use comfortably and effectively to stay on top of the competition. Here are the characteristics that all of the best gaming keyboards share in common, so you can find your perfect fit sooner rather than later.

If you’re into competitive gaming, then you know how important it is to have the best gaming keyboard in your arsenal. The right keyboard will allow you to react quickly and accurately in order to outmaneuver your opponent, and that’s what we’re going to cover today in our guide on how to choose the best gaming keyboard. Before diving into the specifics of choosing the right one, let’s get some general information out of the way first. What makes up a great gaming keyboard?

When you’re ready to buy your first gaming keyboard, it’s important to get the best one you can afford. We made this list of the top gaming keyboards available to help narrow down your search. Whether you’re looking for something simple and affordable or a mechanical keyboard with RGB lighting, we have something here that will appeal to every type of gamer. Don’t see your favorite on our list? Leave us some comments about what your top choice would be!

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If you’re an avid gamer, you know that nothing beats the experience of playing your favorite game with the best gaming keyboard. But which one is that? After all, there are plenty of great gaming keyboards out there to choose from. From full-size to tenkeyless, mechanical to the membrane, Cherry MX switches to Razer Chroma lighting, gaming keyboards come in all shapes and sizes and it can be difficult to pick just one!

Corsair K100 RGB Optical

CORSAIR K100 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - CHERRY MX SPEED RGB Silver Keyswitches - PBT Double-Shot Keycaps - Elgato Stream Deck and iCUE Compatible - QWERTY NA Layout - Black
  • You’ve Reached the Top: The CORSAIR K100 RGB is the pinnacle of CORSAIR keyboards, offering the cutting-edge performance, style, durability, and customization that gamers need to stand above the rest.
  • The Centerpiece of Your Setup: The CORSAIR K100 RGB boasts a refined design bolstered by a durable aluminum frame, dynamic per-key RGB backlighting, and a 44-zone three-sided LightEdge.
  • Powered by CORSAIR AXON Hyper-Processing Technology: CORSAIR’s most advanced gaming keyboard experience delivers up to 4x faster throughput with native 4,000Hz hyper-polling and 4,000Hz key scanning, while driving up to 20-layer lighting effects.
  • CHERRY MX SPEED RGB Silver Keyswitches: Offer lightning-fast response times with an actuation distance of just 1.2mm, are guaranteed for 100 million keystrokes, and keypresses up to 4x faster than standard mechanical gaming keyboards with CORSAIR AXON.
  • Multi-Function at Your Fingertips: Take command over backlighting, media jogging, and more with a versatile iCUE control wheel, fully programmable to perform actions in games and applications.

Corsair’s K100 RGB is a budget-friendly keyboard. At just $50, it offers a smooth and satisfying typing experience. It also has 16.8 million customizable colors as well as programmable macro keys and media controls for controlling your music and videos with a single button press. While it doesn’t have Cherry MX switches, which are typically preferred by professional gamers, they’re loud enough to be heard over your game audio, so you don’t need to worry about any ghosting effects while playing online.

The K100 RGB is compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 7, and Mac OS X 10.10 or later versions. The only downside of using an older keyboard like this one is that there isn’t any USB pass-through port for plugging in other devices like your mouse or flash drive. But if you’re looking for something cheap but reliable, then look no further than Corsair’s K100 RGB Optical gaming keyboard. Amazon sells it for $49.99.

The Corsair K100 RGB is a great, affordable mechanical keyboard that’s also backlit and attractive. For $70, you get NKRO support, a variety of lighting effects, and something that looks a little different from what else is on your desk. It also has some of our favorite keycaps out there: thick chiclet keys that are easy to find in dim rooms and with fingertips covered in goop after marathon gaming sessions.

Mountain Everest Max

ROCCAT Vulcan 122 Mechanical PC Tactile Gaming Keyboard, Titan Switch, AIMO RGB Backlit Lighting Per Key, Detachable Palm/Wrist Rest, Anodized Aluminum Top Plate, Full Size, White/Silver
  • TITAN SWITCH MECHANICAL (TACTILE) - Designed and built entirely by ROCCAT engineers and developed for gamers who love the feel of mechanical switches, but demand the feel of the crisp, tactile bump and instant responsiveness
  • ADVANCED ANTI-GHOSTING - Technology optimized for gamers to ensure every key stroke of the most-used keys is registered – no matter how frantic the action gets
  • AIMO ILLUMINATION - ROCCAT’s proprietary lighting eco-system connects compatible devices present vivid lighting scenarios right out of the box, without the need for extensive configuration; With full backlighting in 16.8 million colors
  • MIXER-STYLE MEDIA CONTROLS - The volume dial and backlit media buttons allow you to adjust volume and mute/unmute on the fly, or toggle over to lighting control to adjust brightness
  • CUSTOMIZED YOUR WAY - ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift Plus technology adds a secondary function to compatible keys; Just hold down the designated modifier key for double the command power in an instant

This mechanical gaming keyboard from Corsair is an industry leader. It features an extended lifespan of up to 50 million key presses, meaning you can get many years of solid use out of it before even needing to consider a replacement. It’s also one of few gaming keyboards that are programmable for up to 18 unique keys, which should mean you can more easily customize its functionality for your needs.

This keyboard is just large and massive. At that point, what else do you need? It’s built for desktop gamers and features a full-size 104-key layout with anti-ghosting capability. The five dedicated macro keys are great for games that allow it, but most games don’t support them outside of a handful (like The Witcher 3). For those who want something smaller, check out our next option.

The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB is an impressive gaming keyboard that has one of the longest key-travel distances on our list. If you want a keyboard with full-on Cherry MX switches, then look no further. Unfortunately, it does not come cheap. The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB is one of the most expensive keyboards on our list—but for good reason; if you want a standard 104 key mechanical gaming keyboard, then you cannot go wrong with HyperX’s offering.

G.Skill KM360

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G.Skill has been on a roll for years now, pumping out quality keyboards and mice at all price points. While it’s tough to go wrong with anything that G.Skill does if you’re looking for RGB lighting on your gaming keyboard but don’t want to spend too much, look no further than its KM360 model. Not only is it one of our favorites, but it also won Editor’s Choice from PCMag in 2017 and 2018.

The KM360 gaming keyboard features all of G.Skill’s latest tech and packs a punch in terms of functionality. Featuring macro keys, customizable lighting, N-key rollover, and textured keycaps with minimal bezels, it’s a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their desktop gaming experience. All that at an affordable price too – but don’t let that fool you into thinking it skimps on quality.

The G.Skill KM360 is a great gaming keyboard for many reasons. Its Cherry MX switches are quality and have a great tactile feel to them, which makes them ideal for gaming or typing. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better value in terms of switches and keycaps, too. The KM360 also has some of my favorite RGB lightings around, making it an even better investment for your money’s worth if that’s important to you as well.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed

Logitech G915 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Low Profile GL Linear Key Switch, LIGHTSYNC RGB, Advanced LIGHTSPEED Wireless and Bluetooth Support,Black
  • LIGHTSPEED wireless delivers pro-grade performance with flexibility and freedom from cords. Creates a clean aesthetics for battlestations. Delivers 30 hours on a single full charge.
  • LIGHTSYNC technology provides next-gen RGB lighting that synchronizes lighting with any content. Personalize each key or create custom animations from ~16.8M colors with Logitech G HUB software.
  • Low Profile mechanical switches offers the speed, accuracy and performance of a mechanical switch at half the height. The GL Linear switch features a completely smooth keystroke through the point of actuation. Comes in 3 options: GL Tactile, GL Linear or GL Clicky.
  • Beautifully crafted, the G915 uses aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to deliver incredibly thin but rigid and durable design.
  • Enjoy 30 hours of game time on a single charge. Low battery warnings at 15 percent on the keyboard battery LED and via pop-up notification in the Logitech G HUB software. Quickly recharges in 3 hours.

This keyboard offers an intriguing blend of compact design and performance features. The Logitech G915 Lightspeed is a familiar name on our list but in a new iteration. While it lacks some of the impressive customizability offered by other keyboards on our list, its best-in-class mechanical switches are hard to overlook. Between that and its durable design, it’s our top pick for a gaming keyboard.

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed is one of our favorite mechanical gaming keyboards. It comes with six dedicated macro keys that can be programmed without any extra software and has both a USB 2.0 pass-through port for easy access to your mouse or a wireless receiver, as well as an audio passthrough for your microphone (using USB Audio Device Class standard 1.0). And like we said above, it looks cool with those RGB backlit keys.

Logitech has long been a favorite brand of gamers, and its newest G915 Lightspeed is one of its best gaming keyboards yet. The Logitech G915 might be expensive at $180, but it’s worth every penny for those who have high standards for their accessories. This keyboard has excellent tactile feedback and fast-reacting keys that keep up with your furious gaming sessions. It’s not just about looks either; Logitech designed these extra buttons to be useful in games as well.

Keychron K2 (Version 2)

Keychron K2 Hot-swappable Mechanical Keyboard Gateron G Pro Brown Switch White LED Backlight & Wooden Palm Rest K2/K6
  • Keychron K2, a 75% layout 84 keys hot-swappable white LED backlight wireless mechanical keyboard giving you all the keys and function you need while keeping it compact. And let you personalize per-key typing experience without soldering, just pop them in and it’s done.
  • Crafted of streamlined solid wood to provide amazing comfort no matter cranking out emails or gaming. Dimension:12.48 x 3.15 x 0.59” (317 x 80 x 15mm); Ideal for Keychron K2/K6 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.
  • Package contents: 1x Keychron K2 White backlight hot-swap Gateron G Pro Brown Switch Mechanical Keyboard+1x Wood palm rest for Keychron K2

This keyboard’s predecessor, Keychron K1 was already a solid entry-level gaming keyboard. However, with K2, you now get RGB lighting (with 16.8 million color options) for more personalization options. This model features 100% anti-ghosting and N-key rollover support, which means multiple keys can be pressed at once without triggering errors or mistakes.

Starting at $55, Keychron’s K2 is a smart-looking keyboard, but it has one major flaw: it’s not mechanical. I’ve used many of Keychron’s keyboards in my day, and they all look great and have decent switches (though they are membrane), but non-mechanical keys are a deal-breaker for me. Just don’t buy it unless you can get it cheap—and even then I would be hesitant.

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard that keeps your hands comfortable, but also includes a few added extras, then Keychron’s K2 might be your next purchase. The keyboard itself features quick response times and laser-etched keys that help increase speed and accuracy. You can also fully customize its backlighting from three different colors. And if you’re in need of some extra ports, there are four USB 3.0 ports onboard as well.

Wooting Two HE

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Software-Controlled Light & Macro Customization, ABS Pudding Keycaps, Media Controls, RGB LED Backlit, Linear Switch, HyperX Red,Black
  • HyperX Pudding Keycaps: Pre-installed translucent ABS pudding keycaps provide more brilliance compared to solid-color keycaps.
  • HyperX Mechanical switches: These reliable key switches are a balance of responsiveness and accuracy, with a short travel time and actuation distance. They feature an exposed LED for brighter, more luminous RGB lighting.
  • Signature light bar & dynamic RGB lighting effects: The signature HyperX light bar and vibrant lighting effects form a truly dazzling display.
  • Dedicated media keys and large volume wheel: Have control at your fingertips with a prominent volume wheel and dedicated keys for media, profiles, and Game Mode.
  • Solid steel frame: The solid steel frame provides durability and the sturdy weight of the keyboard helps prevent slippage when the action heats up.

The Wooting Two Professional Gamer’s Mechanical Keyboard. This keyboard is top-of-the-line when it comes to responsiveness and durability, plus comes with its own software suite to customize just about every key on your board. While these sorts of keyboards often run upwards of $150, you can snag one for a little over $100 at Amazon—especially if you use promo code E6DS66UH. That’s a huge discount for a board that has both mechanical switches and per-key RGB lighting.

The Wooting Two is one of only a few mechanical keyboards that offer analog input. This can prove to be a crucial feature for gamers. While most mainstream gaming keyboards feature 100 percent digital input (meaning your keystrokes are registered as on or off), with analog, there’s an added dimension of accuracy, allowing you to fine-tune your movements for improved control and precision.

The Wooting Two is our favorite gaming keyboard for anyone looking to get serious about PC gaming, as it has all of its most important features and doesn’t skimp on anything else. It’s also great for typing when you’re not gaming because of how responsive it is. There aren’t many (if any) gaming keyboards that can compete with its 1ms response time.


It might seem that having a gaming keyboard packed with features is better than a simple model, but it all depends on what you’re looking for. While an elaborate one might be good for your needs, it can also be quite expensive and may not be worth it to you. The best keyboard for gaming doesn’t always have to come in a huge box, but instead can sometimes fit right in your hand.

A good gaming keyboard doesn’t need a ton of extra buttons. It needs to be solid and it needs to work well. The best keyboard for gaming is going to be one that works well—period. What makes a great gaming keyboard? We can tell you right now that what doesn’t make a great gaming keyboard is useless features like multi-colored backlights, crazy macros, or large amounts of unnecessary keys in your way while you try to game.