How Did Arnold And Franco Columbo Meet?

Franco Columbo is the son of a mob boss with ties to the Italian Mafia. Arnold Columbo, on the other hand, was born into poverty and had no connections with any criminal organizations. How did these two men end up meeting? The answer will surprise you!

Franco Columbo is the son of famed mobster, Arnold Columbo. He grew up in a world where violence and power were the only two things that dictated his daily life. One day, he meets a boy who changes everything for him. The boy’s name was Franco too…

In the late 1800s, a man from a small town in Italy immigrated to America. He settled down in New York and worked as a shoemaker for many years. One day, he met another immigrant named Arnold Columbo who had traveled all the way from Iowa. The two quickly became friends after discovering that they both shared an interest in food and cooking.

They would often spend their days talking about recipes and ingredients while making pizza together at night! In 1919, Franco’s son Albert joined them on their adventures of creating delicious dishes with fresh produce from their garden which led to opening up the first pizzeria “Pizzeria di Pietro” located on Bleecker Street in Manhattan!

Franco Columbo is a detective who has been on the case for 5 years. He’s getting frustrated, but he remembers the time when he first met Arnold. It all started with an e-mail from his sister asking if he could find her best friend’s brother who had gone missing in Italy.