How Much Did Franco Columbo Weigh?

Franco Columbo was a professional boxer from the 1940s and 1950s. In his prime, he weighed 187 pounds, but it is unclear how much exactly he weighed when he died in 1959 at age 39. He had been hospitalized with pneumonia for three weeks before passing away.

Franco Columbo‘s height is not recorded, but he was said to be short. He had a deep voice and always dressed simply. The only thing that ever changed about his outfit were the color of his shoes. His favorite colors are reported as having been red or green, though it is difficult to confirm this since many sources report different colors.

Franco Columbo was a famous opera singer who had an enormous appetite. His weight is unknown, but it’s estimated that he weighed over 500 pounds! People often say that he died because of his size and not because of the gunshot wound on stage in Sydney, Australia. But what do you think?